Alasdair Mclellan Exhibition


Alasdair Mclellan
Margaret Howell
2004 – 2017

Friday 17 February - Sunday 19 March 2017
Wigmore Street London W1U 2RS

Alasdair McLellan selects over 40 photographs from an early campaign in 2004 and those taken between 2011 – 2017. The photographs were shot on location in Britain for the Margaret Howell seasonal brochures and advertising imagery. The exhibition will include some previously unseen images along with the newly released Spring Summer 2017 photographs.

'I know what I want our photo campaigns to achieve, and Alasdair knows how to achieve it. I drag him off to unglamorous locations in England with our precarious weather, but I think he has come to trust my choices as I trust his eye that works tirelessly to get just the right picture. His judgment, vision and tenacity make for a valuable partnership.’

'Margaret is great to work with. She has a very distinct vision of the British Isles. We have shot all over, from Devil’s Dyke in the South Downs to Crystal Palace Sports Centre to Brighton Beach and Wensleydale. She loves it when the weather is typically British and isn’t bothered when we’re shooting if it’s raining in summer, or sunny in winter. She understands that this is just the way the country happens to be and goes with it. Margaret prefers to shoot in black and white too. Which is brilliant.’

Here Margaret gives a personal viewpoint on five of the photographs from the exhibition.

Spring Summer 2015
The De La Warr Pavilion East Sussex
Michael Sharp

‘Alasdair takes great portraits. Michael’s head is framed by an abstracted background and the light reflected in his eyes, looking just off camera, makes this a perfect shot.’

Autumn Winter 2011
Southbank London
Dree Hemingway

‘Everything about this photograph is in essence very masculine, save for Dree’s wave of blonde hair and wistful pose. I think this shot captures my true style.’

Autumn Winter 2015
South Downs and Devil's Dyke
Lou Schoof

‘I like the snapshot character of this picture of Lou. A spontaneity of the pleasure of sun on the face and breeze in the hair - the reality was, of course, anything but a snapshot.’

Spring Summer 2017
Erika Linder

‘Erika naturally falls into strong poses and expressions that have the right strength for me. I find this picture has a hint of Jeanne Moreau as she appeared in Truffaut’s film Jules et Jim, an early inspiration for me.’

Autumn Winter 2015
South Down and Devil's Dyke
Charlie Ayres Taylor

‘Another great portrait that expresses a movement, or engagement, rather than a pose – so hard to capture. Thanks to Alasdair’s judgement the natural light gives added life to Charlie’s face and the clothes.’

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